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Jams photo and video Blog

Well this is where i will spill random crap from my life to the web. Peace and love Josh

Jack Johnson - 08 - Bad News

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Google News Australia

Well I'm just reading the news and more shit has gone down, Every day a shit load of people die and we on the other side of the TV cant really comprihend it. We seem to think that Oh its ok that guy is used to seing his family killed he'll get over it. I meen deep down we know its real but I just think its shit how I am starting to feel de-censidezed to all this stuff. Hmmmmmm if youve got Kazaa here is a cool song by Jack Johnson. Ps if you like it please buy his Album and surport the Artist.
Jack Johnson - 08 - Bad News.mp3

*this is a copywrighted file I take no resposibility for peoples actions. Party on!


just picked emily up!

YAY I just picked emily up! And sitting here showing her my new Blog page!

Oh man I get to see Emily again tommorrow

Monday, August 11, 2003

Oh man I get to see Emily again tommorrow. I'm so excited. I have missed her so much.I made a song for her the other day.download it if you want to check it out.I love emy.mp3 2.5 meg

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